Event Gallery Extended 3.11.22

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Event Gallery is an easy to use gallery component for image from local web space, Flickr, Google Photos or Amazon S3 including a cart & checkout system. It supports adaptive, flexible and responsive layouts and provides a unique way of presenting images. If presenting is not enough enable the cart! Let users browse through your images and buy them.

Upload - Show Off - Sell

Event Gallery 3 adds a full cart&checkout process to the gallery.

Don't be mistaken by the name. Event Gallery is a real multipurpose gallery component which fits many needs.
Main Features

    Joomla 3.8 & PHP7 compatible
    native multi-language support
    Supports adaptive, responsive layouts
    Includes Google Picasa Web Albums/Google Photos, Flickr, Amazon S3 and locally stored images
    ICC profile support
    Image processing like sharpening
    Password / User Group protected folders
    Five configurable ways to display images
    Integrated, mobile friendly lightbox
    Easy image management using the Joomla backend
    Supports FTP uploads for mass data processing
    Multiple file upload with modern browsers
    Cart&Checkout for images
    Swipe gesture support for the lightbox
    Social Sharing (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Direct Download, Pinterest)

If you encounter any issues, please let me know. Usually, they can be solved in a couple of hours or even faster. Please check the requirement section in the manual to sort out possible issues as soon as possible.

Since the install package is quite large make sure your upload limit is high enough. If not just use the download link to install it using the Joomla Extension Manager.


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