FILEman 3.2.11

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FILEman is an advanced file manager from Joomla A lightweight, speedy and vamped up version of the Joomla media manager featuring multiple and remote file uploads, automatic thumbnail generation and easy file linking. On the frontend it comes with a built-in image gallery and support for file download listings

The FILEman user interface is built with AJAX, HTML5, and CSS3 technologies making for a much more responsive user experience. You can easily drag and drop files for upload with no page reload necessary.

Key Features

  • Image Gallery. Simply put all your images in a folder and create a menu item for it to get an instant image gallery.
  • File Listing. Easily create a list of downloadable files on your site. Create a menu item and select the folder and/or subfolders you want to list. That's all.
  • Drag and drop. Drop multiple files right from your desktop into the uploader in both frontend and administrator. Fast and simple.
  • Easy File Linking. Easily insert links to files into articles using the FILElink editor plugin, you can even insert links to folders and menu items.
  • Thumbnail Support. Generates thumbnails for every image, cache them and loading them all at once. Saves bandwidth and computing power.
  • Internationalized. Full support for international filenames and folder names running on Joomla. Your files can now be named in your own language without any worries.
  • Remote File Uploads. Upload files directly from a URL. Instant file size validation ensures you never upload files that are to big.
  • Google Analytics. Keep track of file downloads and image views with our build-in support for Google Analytics.
  • File Submissions. Use FILEman to setup a file dropbox from the frontend of your site.
  • Joomla ACL support. Full support for the Joomla ACL. Easily manage who can access FILEman and who can upload and delete files.


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