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JA Open Street Map 1.3.0

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An advanced Joomla map extension to integrate FREE Open Street Map (free editable map of the world) into your Joomla website.


The Open Streen Map Joomla extension will help you quickly setup beautiful responsive Open Street Map and embed to any place in your Joomla website: contact page, article, custom html module using simple short code {jaosmap}{/jaosmap}

Google map now charge based on volume you use, the more you use, the more you have to pay. Open Street Map is totally FREE and it will be good option in term of finance.

Main features:

  • Using Leaflet, the leading open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps
  • Support standard and humanitarian map type, more map types will be supported in next version
  • Show unlimited places in one map
  • Fully responsive map
  • Embed map with customized parameters in any place in your website
  • Preview map in back-end
  • Easy to configure and setup with lots of supported parameters in the back-end panel.
  • Code Generation Tool

Open Street Map Joomla extension

JA Open Street Map plugin is Joomla map extension for Open Street map, allows user to embed responsive Open Street map into any place in Joomla website: Article, Custom HTML, Contact form and more.

Support multiple map types

The Joomla map extension JA Open Street Map supports 2 map types: Standard and Humanitarian by default. There are many more map types support in next version.

Shows unlimited places in one map

The Open Street Map Joomla plugin give you power to add as many places in one map. Each place has Latitude, Longitude and the place information.

Fully responsive Open Street Map Joomla extension

JA Open Street Map plugin fully support responsive. Maps built with the Joomla map extension is beautifully displayed in all responsive layouts: desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.

Preview map in back-end

After setup and configure the map, admin can preview the map from back-end and change setting till they feel its good to show users.

Powerful admin panel

JA Open Street Map plugin main features are built-in as options and parameters in the back-end to help user configure and setup the map easier: map type, popup style, zoom level, map size and more.

Code Generation Tool

The tool is to help generate short code to embed the defined Open Street Map to article, custom HTML module, contact form ... Admin can change configuration values and select parameters then copy the code. You can have different configurations for each map by using the code generator. Change the default location to your desired location every time you generate code.

Using Leaflet open-source JavaScript library maps

Leaflet is the leading open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps. It is designed with simplicity, performance and usability and works efficiently across all major desktop and mobile platforms.


In the next version, we plan to implement following new features:

  • Support more map types
  • Support direction map type
  • Custom map icon
  • Location by address



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