JoomMarketing 1.2.1

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The powerful joomla marketing and sales automation software, the component built to be easy and simple to use by including many features like the step by step wizard to create your marketing funnel, templates, drag and drop landing Page creation, email auto-responder creation and many tools like a light weight lead management etc..


Main Features

    Landing Page Creator
    Campaign Wizard
    Reporting & Statistics
    Split Testing
    Campaign Visualiser
    Email Auto-Responders
    Mailing System Integrations
    CRM/Lead Synchronisation Integrations
    Payment Integrations
    Other Integrations & Webinar Providers

Campaign Management Features

    Wizard mode for campaign creation
    Easy campaign management (delete, add , edit ..)
    Attach campaign to a category
    Advanced campaign visualiser

Landing Page Creation Features

    Easy pages management (delete, add , edit ..)
    Page Builder for content creation
    Form Builder
    Attach landing page to a campaign
    Visits, conversions and submissions stats
    Ability to choose page type (squeeze, thank you, sales, checkout, special offer, content)
    Ability to add tag to lead on visit (like warm, hot ....)
    Enable / disable A/B split test on page
    Ability to change primary page action (call to action or form)
    Allow convert to lead
    Choose email responder type
    Choose responder sequence
    Payment integration
    Double opt-in support
    Receive email notification
    Add additional CSS/JS code to page
    Import / export page as template or as html code
    And more ...

Responders Management Features

    Auto responders management
    Auto responder sequences management
    Queued emails managements
    Ability to save responder item as template
    Advanced sending timer for responder (after days, on date, before webinar, rough timing)
    Responder email editor
    Save responder email as template
    Add attachements to responder email
    Ability to test responder email
    Ability to attach sequence to multiple campaigns
    Advanced logic options for sequence
    Attach multiple emails to sequence item
    Manually process queued emails
    And more ...

Leads Management Features

    Easy leads management (delete, add , edit ..)
    Ability to attach tags to lead item
    Ability to attach statues to lead item
    Add note to lead item
    Ability to blacklist email of lead item
    Attach Joomla user to a lead item
    Warmth Meter indicator in lead item
    Ability to extend form informations on lead item
    Logs in lead item
    Ability to import / export leads
    Advanced batch for leads
    Manage lead subscriptions
    And more ...

Webinars Management Features

    Easy Webinars management (delete, add , edit ..)
    Integration with Youtube API

Emailing systems integration

    Bounce Handling

Payment systems integration

    Paypal, Paypal Express Checkout, Paypal Pro
    Shopify selling
    Virtuemart products sell
    And more ...

CRM / Lead Synchornization

    Joomla Users

More Features

    Joomla update system integration
    Google Recaptcha integration
    Send error notifications to admin
    Cron job support for sending emails
    Ability to set maximum number of emails to be sent on each cron job call
    Ability to send invoice on payment
    Joomla ACL support
    Send reports by email
    And more ...


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