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Mx Pricing Table 4.0.14

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Create easily your own pricing table using Mx Pricing Table. This responsive module can accommodate up to 6 price columns per row.


General Settings

Style ( Default / Style1 / Style2 / Style3 / Style4 / Style5 / Style6 / Style7 / Style8 )
Currency Symbol
Version - Standard / Slider
Items per row ( From two to six )
Column distance
Rounded corners? ( Yes / No )
Featured Custom color
Master Color
Google font ( Yes / No )
Font URL
Font Family


Choose color ( for default style )
Is Featured? ( Yes / No )
Per ?
Link URL
Target window
Link Text

Slider Settings

Items - one to ten
Items (Tab Landscape) - one to ten
Items (Tab Portrait) - one to ten
Items (Mob Landscape) - one to ten
Items (Mob Portrait) - one to ten
Sliding Time
Sliding Speed
Auto play (Yes/No)
Loop (Yes/No)
Show arrows (Yes/No)
Arrows style (top/bottom/center)
Item distance
Show next previous items (Yes/No)



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