Power Mail Pro 2.17

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PowerMail allows sending content to your Joomla content sections and categories via email or via cellphone.



  • Email content directly to your Joomla content sections and categories
  • Set a receiving email address to associate with a specific section and category
  • Title of the content corresponds with the subject line of the email
  • Associate Joomla users with specific email addresses
  • Specify specific Joomla section or category based on receiving email address or based on sending email address
  • Default author of the content is the sender of the email
  • Specify a specific section and category for email from a certain user
  • Spam display is protected with the default of any article received being "unpublished"
  • Backend List of content emailed by author, associated Joomla user or receiving email account

Power Mail

Simple. Smart. Stunning.
Energize your Joomla content utilizing the best email to content component on the market for Joomla


Content made ridiculously simple.
Anyone you authorize can add content simply using any email device or texting with their phone.


What you see is what you get!
Our html converting engine parses the html and allows the administrator to allow or disallow this from users.


Empower your Joomla blogs

Blogging has never been easier as users don't need to be technically saavy at all to add to your site.


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