Publisher Pro 3.0.20

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Create a news portal like CNN, FOX News, or a Magazine like TIME Magazine

Create issues based on topics or time range, add zones to any of the 13 available layouts.
Issues are pages that display the zones that the actual content. The content can be:

RSS Feeds

Add content to your issues by adding zones. Zones can contain articles, modules, RSS and more!
Zones are content containers. Zones display inside the layout of the issues. You can add as many zones as you wish to the issue.

Authors can register, submit and edit articles and media. You can approve/decline authors/articles/media.

Drag & Drop Layouts
There are 13 available layouts for issues. You can drag and drop any of the zones into the different sections of the layouts. The layouts are tableless. This gives you a great amount of flexibility in displaying your content!

11 Beautiful Styles
Even if you don't know the first thing about CSS, you can still create a stunning publication with our built-in styles!

Create rich media galleries and add media to your issues, articles and modules.
Publisher's media manager, allows you to add media of 3 different types:

Image Gallery

Video Page
The video page allows you to display videos of a selected video category. This allows you to organize videos in one page. You can show/hide the video title/description/hits, etc.

Audio Page
If you have audio files like interviews, podcasts, you can display all of them in the audio page. You can assign an image to audio, for example, of the people you have interviewed in that audio.

Image Galleries Page
On the image galleries page, you can display all your image galleries. Each image gallery is represented by a thumbnail of the first image in the image gallery.


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