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RealEstateManager Pro 6.1.4

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Real Estate Manager allows real estate agencies, real estate brokers and agents manage property listings, property categories, hotel booking, motel booking, amenities, booking and buying requests and languages.


With our property extension you can upload photo, manage real estate categories and subcategories, display property on Google map, post comments and more.
Also available free real estate website templates with in-built Real Estate Manager. Discover our collection of real estate web design:

✰ New features of Real Estate Manager

add slider to alone house show
added Energy economy chart
added Energy lost chart
configurable browser page title
new update algorithm
improved security algorithm
fully support of sh404SEF component
rebuilt breadcrumbs behavior
added sortable feature for gallery
added users rent history menu
and many other ...


‣ From Backend:

☑ Add/Clone/Delete Property
☑ Publish/unpublish added Properties
☑ Rent/Return Property from rent 
☑ Edit Comments & Ratings of Property
☑ Accept/Decline booking requests
☑ Accept/Decline requests on buying
☑ Full Category & Subcategory support
☑ Create categories for amenities, Add/Edit/Delete Amenities 
☑ Google Maps API Integrated
☑ Full Joomla multilingual support, Language Associate Houses
☑ Ability to set Featured Shows and Clicks to the certain Property (Promotion features)
☑ Two algorithms for creation thumbnail of images: Resize/Crop Images
☑ Lightbox for show images
☑ Ability to Show/Hide Reviews
☑ Ability to Show/Hide Map
☑ Ability to add Extra Custom Fields
☑ eDocuments Support
☑ Ability to set Price Format
☑ Ability to set Date Format
☑ Ability to show prices in different Currencies
☑ Special Price for House for a Certain Period
☑ Ability to set Prices/booking per Day or per Night
☑ Ability to Save/Remove Database when updating
☑ Support add video
☑ Support add audio
☑ Calendar with show free/booking property date
☑ English included, other languages (*Brazilian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (default), Farsi, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish*) can be downloaded from the website
☑ Sample data for newbies and more...

‣ From Frontend:

☑ Responsive Layouts
☑ Well-Designed Views 
☑ Tabs of House: Description, Location, Reviews 
☑ House Gallery
☑ Display of Amenities in categories
☑ System of Comments & Ratings of Properties
☑ Booking form with calendar
☑ Form of request on buying
☑ Responsive Search form
☑ Category and Subcategory in Breadcrumbs


REM (RealEstateManager) Featured module
REM (RealEstateManager) Google Location Map module
REM (RealEstateManager) Search module
REM (Real estate manager) Slideshow module
REM (Real estate manager) SEO plugins (sh404sef Meta Description, sh404sef Urls, X Map)
REM Link in Content plugin
REM Search plugin

✰ Useful Links:

Free Download: 
‣ http://ordasoft.com/All-Download/Joomla-extensions/Real-Estate-Manager/View-category.html

Real Estate website templates for Real Estate Manager
‣ http://ordasoft.com/real-estate-website-templates

Video Docs:
♫ https://ordasoft.com/installing-real-estate-manager-joomla-real-estate-extension
♫ https://ordasoft.com/create-menu-entry-real-estate-website-software
♫ https://ordasoft.com/creating-categories-real-estate-manager-real-estate-website-builder

Support Forum:

Create property management website with Joomla Real Estate Manager!

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