ZOOessentials 1.0.6

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Core improvements, smart integrations and pro elements gathered together. No hacks, just the culmination of years of experience



Step by Step imports without memory/timeouts errors or file size limits. Support for Pro elements.

Elements Conditional Rendering

Set advanced access rules on an element configuration level, override on assignment.

Simple User Tracking

Track what Items and Category the users are visiting the most, use the data for further integrations.

The Elements

The Pro elements extend the core ones adding awesome new features, such as Widgetkit Integration, path variables, custom layouts and more.

Image Pro

Repeatable, advanced file manager, path variables custom layouts, Widgetkit integration.

Download Pro

Repeatable, advanced file manager, custom layouts, path variables, S3/Widgetkit integration.

Media Pro

Repeatable, advanced file manager, custom layouts, path variables, new media players.

Related Items Pro

Advanced workflows with cross app and bidirectional relations. Render subrelations.

Related Categories Pro

Cross app category relations, related category items rendering, root category level selection.

Date Pro

Interval dates, output formating, custom layouts, advanced input with optional time.

Text Pro

Input/Output limit, pre render cleanup and strip tags, custom layouts, prefix/sufix text.

Textarea Pro

Input/Output limit, pre render cleanup, custom layouts, prefix/sufix text, tiny Editor or no editor at all.

Link Pro

Fine render control on link, text, title and rel, cleanup link with regex, custom layouts.

Google Maps pro

Precise control over every aspect of the map, custom layouts, map preview on the backend selection.

Static Content

A Core element that renders static content, like simple text but as well Items, Modules and more.


A backend element that groups the elements under a collapsable section, helps organizing big Types.

The Modules and Plugins

Several plugins for 3rd party integrations and the star ZOOitem Pro, a module that saved the day countless times.

AcyMailing Integration

Set AcyMailing ZOO tags to render Items content before a newsletter is created.

Widgetkit Integration

Render Widgetkit Widgets using elements data or go big and map the entire Item elements.

ZOOitem Pro

An extended version o ZOOitem module with advanced prefiltering and custom layouts.



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