Related Items Pro for ZOO 3.3.5

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Related Items Pro adds cross-app relations, bi-direction relations, and more to your Joomla ZOO app.


ZOO Item Relations are very important - giving you the possibility for great organization and great a great user experience IF they are cross-app featured. ZOO standard related items limit you to one app - but with the ZOOlanders Related Items Pro element you no longer have that limitation - AND you have MANY more features as well - including bi-direction relations that allow you to relate between two items.

Layout rendering has even more power and versatility in this element. The default layout style gives you the ability to choose which layout to use when displaying the related item. You also have the option to use YooTheme's WidgetKit to display related items. Or add extensive control of the display of related items by using the jQuery qTip system.

And when you have made the layout look the way you want, you can filter the results displayed by type or using the ZOOlanders offset/limit filter, which allows you to display only the nth result and limit the number of results.

And all this functionality without one hack of core ZOO code or giving up any existing functionality of the standard Related Items. In fact, if you already have your data in a standard Related Item element you can easily upgrade your element - without losing any data!

*Basic Related Items features
*Multi-Cross App relations
*Bidirectional relations
*Improved UI
*WidgetKit integration


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