HikaSerial 3.1.1

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HikaSerial add some new features for unique data generation/assignation when a product is bought. This unique data could be a serial number, a voucher (discount coupon), a license key, a seat number, an eticket, a raffle, a gift card, a unique file...


HikaSerial is a Joomla! component which work with the e-commerce solution HikaShop.
The component is like a toolbox which can generate a lot of different content thanks to his plugins or it can simply pickup directly in the your imported values in the database.
You can create voucher images which would be included in your emails, as attachment or as downloadable file, you can highly customize your images with dynamic text, content from the order and you can insert dynamic QRcodes too.

  • Create, modify and assign your serial packs to your HikaShop products
  • Assign serials to specific orders
  • Import or generate your serials content
  • Import the HikaShop products assignations
  • Link the quantity of a product to the serial stock quantity
  • Possibility to override your emails
  • Create unique HikaShop discount coupons using a coupon template or a percentage of the linked product price.
  • Create "series" serials (for raffle, seat tickets)
  • Generate EAN codes
  • Create unique downloadable files
  • Create serial with a time limitation
  • Place private content in your Joomla articles which can be unlock with a serial
  • Generate e-tickets: images or PDF with serial inlaid into your emails (useful for vouchers and discounts coupons too)
  • Add QRcodes and barcodes in your attached images and PDF.
  • Receive low serial stock notifications
  • Use plugins to have a custom generation and custom display
  • Let your customers "consume" their serial to do special actions: add a product in the cart, license key activation or verification, change user group assignation...
  • Generate special serials with a fix or dynamic number of points (depending the linked product price)
  • Gives points (AlphaUserPoints, AltaUserPoints, EasySocial points or HikaShop points) when "consuming" special serials.
  • Send a custom email with a gift certificate to an email address that your customer will specify (using an item or order custom field)
  • Integrate HikaSerial into Acymailing newsletters
  • Manage your content directly in the front-end thanks to the integration with HikaMarket

HikaSerial is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x.
It requires HikaShop 4.0.0 or newer (works with starter or commercial versions)



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Additional Info

  • Version: 3.1.1
  • Compatibility: J3, J2, J1.5, J4
  • Includes: Component, Module, Plugin, Extension Specific
  • Password: BlackJoomla.com

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