CoalaWeb Contact Pro 1.1.8

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A complete contact form package designed to give users a quick and easy way to place contact forms anywhere within their Joomla website


It's packed full of configuration options to make it as flexible as possible.

General Options and Features

  • Easy to use layout
  • Quick Launch Help
  • Joomla Updater
  • Component Permission Manager
  • Centralized Options
  • Complete Language Support

Module - Contact

General Options and Features

  • Custom messages and warnings
  • Custom labels
  • Mail From - Joomla Settings or Form
  • Redirect Options
  • Set Default Subject
  • Copy Me option
  • Email Field - Yes/No/Req
  • Name Field - Yes/No/Req
  • Subject Field - Yes/No/Req
  • Message Field - Yes/No/Req
  • [New] Asterisk for required fields
  • [New] Required fields message
  • Display multiple contact modules on a page
  • HTML 5 validation messages uses language files

Style and Layout Options

  • Set Form Width in %
  • 2 Themes to choose from
  • Create custom themes
  • Custom button class

Custom Fields

  • 1 Custom Field - Yes/No/Req
  • Custom Field Types text/textarea/select

Captcha Options

  • Question and Answer Captcha

Plugin - Mail Check

General Options and Features

  • Included mail check button in Joomla mail settings
  • Test mail setting with out having to save
  • Send test email with current settings
  • Visual confirmation when testing


  • PHP 5.4+
  • MySQL 5+
  • Internet Explorer >= 9
  • Modern Browser



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