J2Store Easy Checkout 1.0.56

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Easy checkout is an one-step checkout extension for J2Store.

While shopping stuff online, while users decide to buy a product, they tend to spend quite sometime in the checkout process. To facilitate the checkout process into a smooth and less time-consuming one, we at J2Store have rolled out this extension.

When the checkout process is seamless, there is a high chance that people tend to come back for more, hence increasing the sales.

With the Easy Checkout, the customer can fill in the billing and shipping address, choose a shipping method, the payment option and place the order. This eliminates multiple button clicks. Customer can place an order with minimal efforts.

The real time-saver

The default checkout process depends on Ajax requests. That is users will be able to navigate to the next section only after passing the validation checks of the previous section. On the contrary, the easy checkout plugin provides an option to key in the data simultaneously, eliminating multiple validations and reducing the time taken for the checkout process considerably to an optimum extent.

A responsive and mobile-friendly design

While reducing the time taken for the checkout process, this conponent provides a responsive and mobile-friendly checkout workflow, thus making the checkout experience smooth and seamless. The component supports both Bootstrap2 and Bootstrap3.

Get, set in a giffy

Easy checkout does not require special set up and configuration. Just install the component, create a menu and you are set to allow your users checkout easily. As simple as that.

Create overrides as easy as pie

Since the easy checkout is installed as a separate component, creating overrides can be done without difficulties.

Login, register and place orders

Easy checkout allows users to register, login, add new addresses and checkout as guest users as well.


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