Shack Article Sharing 2.0.2

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Social media sharing buttons are essential for every Joomla site. These buttons do more than just use social media to engage your users and help them stay up-to-date with your company's news. They are highly instrumental in helping your site's SEO.


The best Joomla social sharing extension

Shack Article Sharing is a Joomla social sharing extension. This plugin allows you to add easy-to-use social sharing buttons to your site. Shack Article Sharing plugin supports the most popular share buttons, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Shack Article Sharing uses Facebook's Open Graph meta tags which are Facebook's visual social connections tool. They allow Facebook to understand important information about your site. Open Graph meta tags allow you to have a much more successful connection to Facebook.

  • Joomla social sharing for all your articles: Enable Joomla social sharing buttons for all your content, including articles and blog posts.
  • Complete Facebook support: Shack Article Sharing allows your site to support both Facebook Share and Like buttons. You can customize the content that is pre-filled when visitors click to share.
  • Powerful Twitter support: Shack Article Sharing allows your Joomla visitors to tweet your articles. You can customize the content that is pre-filled when visitors click to tweet.
  • Open Graph support: Shack Article Sharing has support for Open Graph metadata: og:type og:site_name og:url og:title og:image og:description



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