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EasyDiscuss 5.0.10

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EasyDiscuss is a Joomla forum extension for Joomla! It allows you to build forums or a question and answer community on your site easily.

Sparking conversations of a certain topic or have an online discussion about a particular subject is now possible with EasyDiscuss. Best of all, these discussions are valuable source of content that search engines love.

Use EasyDiscuss as a forum to manage your customers inquiries, build closer customer loyalty, build credibility, engage in multiple conversations, gather valuable experience from users, or simply build a repository of information that grows over time. EasyDiscuss is as good as Yahoo! Answers!


    Forum View or Discussion View.
    Improved Administration.
    Company Workflow (Display operational hours or Public Holidays).
    Cloud Integration: Amazon S3.
    Ticket Priorities.
    Post your tickets or discussions anonymously.
    More autoposting places: Gist, Slack, Wunderlist, Telegram and LinkedIn integration.
    Display user profiles from EasySocial, Anahita, Community Builder, EasyBlog, Gravatar, JFBConnect, Jomsocial, K2, Kunena, JomWall, PhpBB, and more.
    Built in conversation system.
    Private discussions
    Recognize users by rewarding them with interesting Badges.
    Best navigation interface in the user profile system.
    Advance access control in categories.
    Powerful points system to honor active users.
    Receive live notifications as they come in, real-time.
    User friendly toolbar to manage, sort and search discussions.
    Blends into your existing Joomla template!
    Auto share discussions in Facebook, Twitter, and more.


    Users banning (for a short period or permanently).
    Unified Language Manager.
    Star ratings.
    Vote for your favorite discussion thread.
    Spam control (works with ReCaptcha and Akismet).
    Receive updates hourly, daily or weekly digests.
    Attach files, images and URLs into discussions.
    You can add polls into discussions.
    Users can report abuse for inappropriate discussions.
    Search engine friendly titles and topics.
    Voting system.
    Integrates with Joomla articles, Google Maps, K2 and EasyBlog
    Allows code syntax usage for advanced users
    Set password protection for private discussions
    Migrate from Kunena, JomSocial and vBulletin with the built-in migrator

EasyDiscuss also comes with free modules and plugins that works harder for you.


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