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Plotalot Pro 5.12.01

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If you can write the SQL to extract the data you want to plot, Plotalot will use the Google Visualization API to dynamically draw various different charts or tables, with numerous formatting options.

* Line graphs, scatter graphs, and area graphs with multiple plots
* Horizontal or vertical stacked or grouped bar charts
* 2D or 3D pie charts
* Gauges, timelines, bubble charts
* Combo charts
* Candlestick charts
* Legend at top, bottom, left, right, or none
* Optional grid
* Titles and axis labels can be simple text or SQL queries
* Axis limits can be automatic, fixed, or SQL generated
* Charts can be responsive.
* Charts can refresh automatically without re-drawing the whole page
* SQL can include various types of variables
* Query the local site database or any other supported database
* Can also produce tables or single items
* No libraries to install, just a component and an optional plugin
* Charts can be cached on your web-server to reduce database load
* Plotalot can be built in to your own code to add charting to your own components

Usage is fully documented in a free PDF user guide.


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