Quiz Deluxe Expert 3.7.11

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Joomla Quiz Deluxe is an enhanced Joomla! Quiz component to create a great looking quiz, trivia, test or exam. The extension provides an opportunity of establishing fully functional training courses based on quizzes and extensive examination of one's knowledge

Use it for:

    Online learning courses
    Students training and assessment
    Certification exams and certificates
    Language placement tests
    Promoting your brand with competitions
    Employees’ skills evaluation
    Entertainment and fun tests
    Trivia and puzzle games


Diversity of Question Types

Joomla Quiz Deluxe includes 10 basic and 4 puzzle question types. Questions can be enriched with images, audio and video files to make your test more engaging.

Varieties of Feedback

There are several feedback types, so you can enable feedback for the whole quiz; all test questions or even some answer options. Question feedback can be displayed after every question is answered or at the end of a test. Feedback may vary according to the number of points a user has scored in a test.

Question Pool & Learning Paths

Question Pool option will let you store questions, not assigned to specific quizzes, and create tests with randomly (or partially randomly) pulled questions. Learning Paths are designed to create courses; they can contain quizzes and Joomla articles. Each step becomes available after the previous one (an article or a test) was passed successfully.

Integration with Other Extensions

Joomla Quiz Deluxe is compatible with Community Builder and VirtueMart. VM integration allows selling your tests and learning paths as VirtueMart products. CB plugin, in its turn, adds examination results to Community Builder user profile.

Customizable Templates & Certificates

Along with the component, you get 6 quiz templates. It’s possible to edit CSS and customize them to change the appearance of a test, if necessary. Besides, it’s possible to issue certificates for users, who have successfully passed a test or an assessment.

Set of Useful Modules

Installation package includes 8 modules: 4 modules to show best, latest and user’s test results; Quiz Summary module with the list of available, incomplete, passed and failed tests; 3 Learning Paths modules to present available, not completed and successfully completed courses.

Abundance of Features

List of features encompasses:

    time and attempts limits
    redirection after test submission
    sending results to author and user email
    questions upload from csv
    quiz export and import
    pdf and csv reports
    results and quiz statistics menu items
    ACL management
    and many more!


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