SmartIcons 2.1.1

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SmartIcons is an replacement tot the QuickIcons module in the administration back-end to create custom shortcuts to ease administration.


SmartIcons is now free and open source

- Full support for Joomla! 3
- Quick and simple installation using a script that does all the heavy lifting.
- Make as many shortcuts to internal components and external sites. Makes administering your site easier and quicker.
- Shortcuts can have text, images or icons in any combination.
- Option to use images or Joomla!'s "iconMoon" icons for shortcut image.
- Links can be opened in the same window or new windows or in Joomla!'s modal windows
- Preview of the shortcut is possible before saving it.
- Uses Joomla! ACL system for managing access to both shortcuts and shortcut categories with the possibility of skipping access checks altogether
- Uses the Joomla update system
- Group shortcuts into categories that show up as tabs in the module.
- Custom links can be created for special needs (insertion of the user id or security token)
- Supports two layout types:
- Grid layout - as in the older Joomla! QuickIcon module
- List layout - as in Joomla 3.x
- Support for QuickIcon plugin with different options of displaying the plugin shortcuts.



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