Visforms Subscription 3.3.0

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Smooth newbie introduction, professional feature set, flexible validation, nested conditional fields, customizable email, user data management, user inputs in frontend, native spam protection, Gratis

In addition to the solid range of functions that our free Joomla! extension Visforms provides, we offer a Visforms Subscription that provides you with useful additional feature and a series of plugins to supplement Visforms. With a minimum of effort these plugins help you to fit your forms perfectly into the functionality of your website and they allow you to find new business segments on your website where you can apply Visforms.

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Visforms 3.12.0 + Visforms Subscription 3.3.0

visForms comprises both, all basic standard features including responsive design that any contemporary form generator should offer, and a rich professional feature set free of charge.

We spent quite some time to provide useful succinct documentation including technical overviews and step-by-step introductions. The support forum keeps 600 active users, 900 themes. Each and every question has its solution. If the answer is covered by documentation we point you to the right spot. Besides, feature implementation is still based on forum user ideas and suggestions.

Bundled with our SpamBotCheck plugin, you don't need Captcha anymore. You can of course if you want to.
The plugin stops spam at the very source. It leverages major DNS and e-mail black list providers to prevent spam sources from registration and login into your site.

Using visForms means security of your investment. Even thought you don't pay for it. You spent time using it. We continuously dispatch new features addressing user demands. Future Joomla! releases will be supported. If you like to enhance your forms beyond of what a form generator does, into an intermediate sized web application, there's a charged Subscription offering a variety of tools for that.



Bundled with an enhanced version of our prominet SpamBotCheck plugin for effective online spam-protection without Captchas
Captchas optionally available
Secure file upload
Javascript and PHP validation of user inputs
Full ACL support
Email cloaking for formular text


Responsive form layouts

Supports responsive Bootstrap default and horizontal form layout and visForms layout
Custom text, which can be added before or after each form field
Select position of required text in form
Select position, where to dispaly the required asterix for required fields
Label may appear as placeholer


Form as a module

Show your forms in all possible module positions

Support for all default HTML form field types

Hide field labels and use placeholders instead
Text inputs: text, email, date, url, number, hidden, password
Selects and radios
Single checkbox and checkbox groups
Buttons: Submit, Image, Reset
File upload
Additional field separator


Flexible field validation

Use any individual regular expression to validate the user input of text fields
Compare user inputs in two or more fields with equal to validation
Validate for unique field value in database
Build-in field type specific validation for email, number, date and url


Conditional fields

Show/hide a form field, depending on the value selected in an other field
Define as many conditions for a field as you like
Nested conditional fields


Customizable result messages and emails

Use user inputs in result message and receipt email
Either use default result message or create a custom result message or redirect to a specific page after form submit


Backend management of user inputs

Store submitted user inputs in database
Export data to CSV format
Edit stored user inputs
Restore edited user inputs to the values submitted by the user

Display stored user inputs in the frontend

Menu type for list and detail frontend view
Exclude fields
Exclude records
Sort data
Set list limit

Native multilingual support

Allows you to create forms and fields in different languages. So, if you build a multilingual website, you can do this natively and won't have to worry about it.

CK Forms extension from Cookex Developpment

visForms works fundamentally similar to the Joomla 1.5 extension
Import your CK Forms data from your Joomla 1.5 website


Developer features

Comprehensive build-in event system
Develop own plugins to control and enhance visForms functionality with additional custom code


Miscellaneous features

Enable URL parameter to set default values for specific fields
Administration batch copy of forms and/or fields
Uses Joomla! auto-updater to keep you informed about updates
Free removal of "Powered by" link
Continuous implementation of new features as requested from visForms users
Online documentation


Extension Plugins for visForms

The charged Subscription wraps numerous plugins, each adding more sophisticated features.
Below just three examples to give you the idea:

GDPR compliancy feature
Display a single form definition several times but having specific start values. Place them anywhere in the front-end, such as in articles or in modules.
Configure your form to support multiple notification e-mails having different addresses depending on the user input. This way, your form dispatches the notification e-mail always to the person in charge.
Show stored user input anywhere in the front-end like in articles. This includes choise of visible fields, complete control on data selection, strong search filters, ordering and plenty of display options. All achieved by editing a tiny configuration string.
Edit stored user inputs in the front-end


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