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User Profile Fields Editor 0.6.14

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Easily add, remove and edit custom fields on Joomla registration form. Collect more user information in their accounts with custom fields. View, edit and manage user information in Joomla admin panel.

User-Profile Fields Editor is a great tool to manage Users data.
You can create new fields, make them visible to everyone or only to admin, make them required, etc.
"User-Profile Fields Editor" allows to create, edit and remove additional custom fields:

    On Registration Form - Create any amount of fields and collect more data from user during registration.
    In User Account - Create additional fields in user account, so user can fill them after registration.
    Admin panel - manage all filled data by user in Joomla admin panel.

Our "User Profile Editor" can:

    Create/add custom fields for registration form & user account.
    Change name, type and order of fields in form.
    Choose whether to show a field on registration form or not.
    Make field “Required”, so user will have to fill it on registration form.
    Manage user profile data in admin panel
    Make fields invisible for regular users, so only you can write some notes which won't be visible to others.
    Allow to upload files on registration form, user profile account, admin panel.

This tool supports wide range of field types in forms:

    Text fields
    Textarea (Multi-line text field)
    Dropbox (list of options)
    Date / Calendar
    URL (web-site)
    Fields Separator (to group custom fields)
    Document / File

You can easily create any amount of User-Profile Fields which will be also available in user's account.
So, user can fill and edit information in account.


User Profile Editor compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.X
How to use "User-Profile Fields Editor":

Add / Create Custom Field:
1. To create / add custom field you need open "User-Profile Fields Editor" component and click green "Add Custom Field" button.
2. In opened page please fill Name, Description, Field Type, Required* field or not, Show on registration page or not.
3. Fill additional options for selected type of field (e.g. field size, calendar format, etc.)
4. Click Save.

Contact Us or Report a bug:

Please do not use Reviews section for asking questions or reporting a bug.
For this purpose please contact us via form on our website:


    How can I add field to Registration Form ?

    After installation of User-Profile Fields Editor go to Componetns->User Profile Fields Editor. There you will be able to create new fields and in field's settiong select "Display on Registration form"

    I need additional features in User-Profile Editor

    If you need some additional fetures, there are 2 ways:

    Notify us about new feature, and we will try to implement it in next version. As we receiving a lot of suggestions some of them can be rejected.
    We can create special release for you, in a short time, with all improvements you need for separate payment. Please contact us to know more about it.

    Is there any possibility to specify order of fields on forms ?

    Yes, you can write position number for each field in forms.

    Our policy requires from users a lot of vital information after registration, can we make "required" fields in user account form ?

    Sure, you can add as much "required" fields in your form as you need

    Our registration form need possibility of uploading documents in PDF or JPG format
    With "User Profile Fields Editor" you can ask user to upload any amount of documents on registration form, you can also specify allowed formats of files.

    I need to allow managers to have access to forms with user data, how can I do it ?

    Go to System -> Global Configuration -> Users -> Permissions and select groups which will have access to users information.


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